Barwon River Fishway

Barwon River Fishway

The Corangamite Catchment Management Authority has recently constructed the Barwon lower Breakwater fishway. The fishway, designed by Water Technology with input from Ivor Stuart of Kingfisher Consulting, uses an innovative construction approach.
The fishway has pre-cast vertical slots that fit into a standard box bridge culvert. As a standard item the culverts are inexpensive and readily available. Having the fishway in a modular form enabled the total construction window to be reduced to eight site days. Managing the construction period in a dynamic environment adjoining a river is critical for the management of construction risks associated with flooding.
The fibre reinforced culverts and vertical slots are particularly suitable for saline environments and also have an added benefit that the lack of steel reinforcing facilitates the successful installation of PIT tag readers.
The Barwon fishway is the second fishway that Water Technology has designed with this pre-cast method with both now operating successfully. The design is readily transferable to other sites where establishing a fishway with a high confidence in a successful outcome is desired.

For more information contact the Melbourne office of Water Technology on 03 8526 0800

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Warwick Bishop
Warwick is a Director of Water Technology and has over 20 years of experience in surface water management. He has led a wide variety of projects covering areas such as flood risk management, water quality, sediment transport, coastal hazard, WSUD and environmental flows. Warwick has an Honours Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Melbourne and a Masters of Engineering Science Degree from Monash University, investigating the detailed hydraulics of stormwater treatment wetlands. Warwick has experience throughout Australia in both rural and urban contexts. Since 2011 he has provided specialist input to the Flood Intelligence Unit of SES during both catchment and coastal flood emergencies. He is actively involved in Engineers Australia and is the current chair of the Victorian Water Engineering Branch Committee. Warwick has also contributed to the revision of Australian Rainfall and Runoff, with a particular focus on the application of flood models in urban areas.

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