How is Water Technology responding to COVID-19?

A message from Steve Clark

Governments and businesses around the globe are responding quickly to the threat of COVID-19. It is impacting an increasing number of people, events and organisations. At Water Technology, we recognise the significance of this challenge and have taken proactive measures to prepare for any potential health and business risks.

We are fortunate to have established procedures that mean we are well-positioned to manage this time of disruption and change. With staff working across Australia, the US and NZ, we already use internal systems, tools and processes that enable us to work and communicate collaboratively from wherever we are.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Response

Supporting each other

Water Technology is committed to providing a safe and positive working environment for our staff and clients. We remain as passionate as ever about working with you through this testing time.
You’ve most likely heard the term “No Regrets” strategy, usually in the context of Climate Change decision-making. No Regrets strategies cross the boundary between adaptation and mitigation, and the current situation calls for such an approach.

We intend to continue to go above and beyond to provide exceptional support and service during this crisis. Some of the measures implemented include:

  • Prioritising our staff and clients’ health and safety
  • Extending our flexible working arrangements, such as working from home
  • Avoiding any unnecessary interstate travel and stopping international travel
  • Using online tools for meetings

The measures implemented will ensure we can meet project delivery requirements while ensuring the safety of our staff and clients. We will keep monitoring the situation and adapting to new information.
If you have any questions, please get in touch and talk to us about how we can work together to adapt to the challenges we are facing.

Kind regards,

Steve Clark
Managing Director
Water Technology
1300 198 413

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