HydroLogic and Water Technology sign partnership to establish the HydroNET portal in Australia

HydroLogic and Water Technology sign partnership to establish the HydroNET portal in Australia

HydroLogic and Water Technology sign partnership to establish the HydroNET portal in Australia

Andrew McCowan director of WaterTechnology and Arnold Lobbrecht director of HydroLogic are proud to announce that they have signed a partnership agreement to establish the HydroNET Portal in Australia. Water Technology knows and understands the needs of water managers across all Australian industry sectors and believes that there is a strong growth potential in the Australian market.

HydroNET is a platform where information and knowledge from the water and earth-observation sectors are brought together and made accessible to private and public organisations. HydroNET connects in real-time to data from all available sources: from telemetry systems (Scada and sensors) and databases to external data streams such as from satellites or radar from the Bureau of Meteorology.

HydroNET combines data from different sources and visualizes them in a user-friendly way, providing clear insight into the historical and current status of your area of interest.

HydroNET contains a HydroStore with numerous smart waterapps or modules developed by different parties in support of decision making about cost-effective measures for your water system. You can select the most suitable waterapps for your organisation.

The platform:

  • connects the user to all available data sources in real-time
  • combines and processes the data and displays it on personal, user-friendly dashboards
  • enables managers to make effective decisions by providing smart waterapps which enhance insight and understanding of the system FAST!

HydroLogic are a team of hydrologists and ICT experts based in the Netherlands who understand the responsibility we have to society and are seeking sustainable, innovative environmental solutions to urgent water problems. More than 1000 professionals use the HydroNET solution. HydroLogic has demonstrated a very successful business model, which will ensure further sustainable investment into the HydroNET platform.

HydroNET is distributed in Australia by Water Technology. Water Technology was formed in 2000 and has grown to become a leading provider of specialist water related consultancy services in Australia in the fields of flooding, coastal and water quality. Water Technology’s technical knowledge and experience in the water sector make them the ideal partner to distribute HydroNET within Australia. They know and understand the needs of water managers across all industry sectors.  Water Technology can see the benefits of using HydroNET and believe it has strong growth potential in the Australian market.

For more information visit: www.hydronet.com.au or call us on 03 8526 0800 (Melbourne) or 07 3105 1460 (Brisbane).

About The Author

Warwick Bishop
Warwick is a Director of Water Technology and has over 20 years of experience in surface water management. He has led a wide variety of projects covering areas such as flood risk management, water quality, sediment transport, coastal hazard, WSUD and environmental flows. Warwick has an Honours Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Melbourne and a Masters of Engineering Science Degree from Monash University, investigating the detailed hydraulics of stormwater treatment wetlands. Warwick has experience throughout Australia in both rural and urban contexts. Since 2011 he has provided specialist input to the Flood Intelligence Unit of SES during both catchment and coastal flood emergencies. He is actively involved in Engineers Australia and is the current chair of the Victorian Water Engineering Branch Committee. Warwick has also contributed to the revision of Australian Rainfall and Runoff, with a particular focus on the application of flood models in urban areas.

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