Flood Emergency Planning & Response with HydroNET

Flood Emergency Planning

Flooding impacts many communities every year. Understanding flood behaviour is an important element of flood emergency planning and response.

Every storm is different

Local and State Authorities play a critical role in the front-line response to the impact of storm events and climate change. The challenges to better planning and responses require an adaptive and transparent approach to managing the risks and impacts of flood events to the community.

Flood emergency planning is used to help emergency response authorities and communities reduce potential property damage as a result of a flood event and to support recovery after a flood event, hence building community resilience.

Data, when you need it, for flood emergency planning and response

Access to good quality data when it is needed is essential for understanding the likely impacts of a storm event. Having that information readily available to prepare and respond to a storm event is critical for water managers. Flood emergency planning and response uses multiple sources of information and data.  The availability of the data and it’s analysis is critical in this process.

To date the linking of rainfall and stream flow data has been a time consuming and costly process and access to that information during a real-time flood emergency has been difficult. The HydroNET platform has powerful online applications that bring this information together to allow for better decision making and response times.

This webinar was recorded on the 25th August 2016.  Download the presentation.

For more information about HydroNET and how it can be used for flood emergency planning and response please contact us at .

Follow this link to more information about HydroNET.

Flood Emergency Planning for the home

If there’s a chance you could be affected by floodwaters, it’s important to be prepared. ABC Emergency has put together a list of things you should do to be prepared and if the worst happens.

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