City of Casey
Cranbourne, Vic

The City of Casey is committed to deliver innovative, sustainable water management practices within its municipality and to use the ‘Complex’ site as a showcase for ground breaking examples of design and sustainability. Currently, the Casey RACE re-uses onsite rainwater collected from the CILC’s existing roof and treated pool backwash water to substitute potable water consumption for pool “top ups”, toilet flushing, showering and landscape irrigation. From the 10 million litres normally used for backwash, approximately 75% are now recycled.

In this constant effort for water conservation and sustainability design, the City of Casey wishes to identify opportunities for a green roof and additional IWM options for the site. This study aimed to deliver a complete investigation of IWM options for the precinct including the completion of a business case illustrating the costs and benefits to each stakeholder, a shortlisting of ranked options and recommendations for suitable IWM option(s) incorporated as part of the future redevelopment plan.

Building on the existing works, the aim of the project was the delivery of a clear and comprehensive IWM option study. Our team of experts worked collaboratively on the Green Roof and Green Wall options, the identified IWM options and modelled their performance in MUSIC, the financial analysis and the engagement and presentation to a stakeholder group. Water Technology has formed a highly capable study team to deliver this project. Our project partners BENT Architecture and Essential Economics are recognised experts in their fields with strong track-records in green infrastructure and economic analysis respectively

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