West Gippsland CMA
Corner Inlet, Vic

The Corner Inlet Environmental Audit was undertaken by the CSIRO (2005) in response to growing concern from natural resource managers and the community about the health of Corner Inlet. One of the key recommendations from the audit was to undertake a catchment audit to identify pollutant sources and develop targeted amelioration strategies. This project responded to this call by developing a comprehensive sediment and nutrient model of the catchments of Corner Inlet. Water Technology and Melbourne University worked closely with the West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority and the Steering Committee for this project to ensure the final outcomes were user friendly and appropriate for the site.
The method pursued was to develop SOURCE (catchment) and receiving waters (estuary) models (MIKE 21), which were calibrated to both existing data and field measurements taken as part of the project. The simulations of these two calibrated models were then integrated within a single software framework so as to produce a Decision Support System (DSS). The DSS allows scenario testing to plan and prioritise future investments in the catchments, and make decisions on what comprises appropriate development with a view to protecting and enhancing the integrity of the Corner Inlet RAMSAR site.

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