Groote Eylandt Mining Company Pty Ltd
Groote Eylandt, NT

Water Technology was commissioned by Groote Eylandt Mining Company (GEMCO) to undertake a river sedimentation analysis for the Angurugu River, Groote Eylandt.

Groote Eylandt is situated on the western side of the Gulf of Carpentaria, approximately 50 km from mainland Australia. The Angurugu River flows between the main GEMCO mining leases, and is fed by a total catchment area of approximately 117 km2. The river discharges into Milner Bay and the tidal influence is known to extend as far up stream as the Haul Road Bridge.

Concerns have been raised that increased sedimentation in the river is occurring as a result of changes associated with the Haul Road Bridge and/or mine operations. In order to understand the sedimentation processes in the river, this assessment focussed on analysing the river planform, flow characteristics and sediment transport potential prior and post construction of the Haul Road Bridge.

Work undertaken included a geomorphic assessment, combined with hydrologic and hydraulic modelling along with sediment transport modelling through the river system.

Key Services Provided:
– Geomorphic Assessment
– Hydrologic and hydraulic modelling,
– Sediment transport modelling

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