Wyndham City Council
Wyndham, VIC

Water Technology is working with Wyndham City Council and Melbourne Water to develop a stormwater treatment road map for the municipality. This study intends to enhance the work undertaken to date, and provide an action plan for future works that are needed to provide best practice treatment.
The two key project objectives are as follows:
• Update the Stormwater Management Plan to represent the current state of implementation and changes to industry standards.
• Provide easy to interpret action plans to assist in developing works plans and setting budgets.
We are providing a document, which clearly states what is required by Council to meet the stormwater objectives and a roadmap for implementation. This will be presented in the form of project-oriented outcomes, which can be easily translated into achievable projects over a range of timescales, with budgets and outcomes defined.
The road map document identifies and prioritises the works needing to be completed in order to provide cost effective and thoroughly scoped projects. Key topics include:
• Water Sensitive Urban Design – Identifying where there are gaps in the municipality and where effective and appropriate features will add value.
• Recording System and Maintenance Program – Ensure all assets are accounted for in the maintenance system and appropriate budgets are allowed to maintain the features. This will involve consultation with the maintenance staff to ensure we fit in with their current schedules, and discuss if any changes are needed.
• Integrated Water Cycle Management – Where realistic opportunities exist to use water in a more efficient way. This will include where there is opportunity to provide flood protection, water quality and water harvesting in multi-objective systems.
• Planning Schemes – Determine if any changes to the planning scheme or policies are required in order to achieve the objectives in the strategy.
• Asset Management Programs – Work with Council to identify how the asset management system can incorporate the stormwater features and enable short and long-term budgets to be allocated.

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