The Challenges of Modelling Ungauged Urban Catchments

The Challenges of Modelling Ungauged Urban Catchments

Modelling Ungauged Urban Catchments

Luke Cunningham today will present at an Engineers Australia (WA Division) event on

The Challenges of Modelling Ungauged Urban Catchments

The latest revision of Australian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR) has updated guidance for flood modelling in urban catchments. As most urban catchments are ungauged, we have traditionally used the rational method to estimate the runoff.

With advances in flood modelling techniques, including detailed two dimensional models with rainfall applied to the grid, have we been able to improve our runoff estimates? Can we use other types of data for verifying our models? How do we treat rainfall losses in a hydraulic model compared to a traditional rainfall-runoff model? And are we finally able to move on from the rational method, or is it still the best estimate we have?

This talk will use case studies from ungauged urban catchments to illustrate the challenges these models entail, discussing some innovative approaches, lessons learnt, and implications for practitioners using the ARR revision.

If you’d like to know more, please contact Luke at our Melbourne office on +61 3 8526 0800.

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