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Waterlines 2021 Issue 1:
Supporting communities to succeed

Supporting communities, protecting environments and aiding resilience.

A brief look into some of the unique projects and challenging scenarios the team has faced, along with their powerful approaches to finding and implementing solutions to support and protect vulnerable communities..

Waterlines Issue 1 2020:
Waterways and Ecology

Managing waterways within a challenging context.

As the immediate fire emergency of last year has passed, in our professional capacities, we are now witnessing the unfolding impacts on our landscapes and in particular our waterways and our drinking water supplies. These impacts will play out over different time scales ranging from the immediate impacts as we are currently witnessing, to much longer-term effects on catchment yields.

Waterlines Issue 2 2019:

Resilience and Adaptation Planning

The complexity of the challenges presented to us as a community in the face of climate change impacts, superimposed on our already variable climate, is now the subject of constant debate and discussion. At Water Technology, our core business has always been providing the tools and knowledge to, amongst the considerable uncertainty, provide clarity around what future climate scenarios might mean for our built environment and natural systems.

Waterlines Issue 1 2019:
Urban Water – an undervalued resource

Two components of the urban water cycle, stormwater and wastewater, are some of Australia’s most undervalued water resources.  With respect to stormwater, there is either too much of it under flood conditions, or too little under drought conditions.  By comparison, wastewater is something that is collected, treated and discharged with often-insufficient attention given to potential beneficial reuse opportunities.

A detailed knowledge of stormwater and urban water balances, both from a flooding and a waterway health perspective, is essential for sustainably managing many of our urbanised areas and the waterways that intersect them. Water Technology is working with a wide range of clients across Australia to provide this knowledge and to assist in delivering robust, high-quality solutions.

Waterlines Issue 1 2018:
Coastal adaptation in action

Whether it is trip to the beach, casting a line into the ocean or sailing the wide blue, the coast is an integral part of life for many of us.

Understanding, preparing for, and responding to the pressures on our coastal environment is central to the projects we undertake. Across Australia we are working with local governments in the development of coastal hazard and adaptation strategies. The development of these strategies includes engagement and collaboration with the local community to better understand their needs and values to support improved planning and prioritisation decisions. By way of example, a recent Western Australian project for the Denham Township that we have undertaken has provided the council with a coastal foreshore plan to optimise use options and to plan for climate change impacts.


  1. Nancy

    Very interesting with lovely photos.

  2. Scaper

    Nancy just shared this with me and I agree. Didn’t think so much thought could be put into water but this is genius! i think I just found my new office magazine!

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