Melbourne, Australia

Stormwater National Conference 2021

The Stormwater Australia National Conference provides a great opportunity to share learnings, discuss industry outcomes and changes and challenge ideas.

This years Conference theme...

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Floodplain Invaders

On a recent floodplain wetland field visit in the southern Murray-Darling Basin, Jamie Kaye came across some extraordinary floodplain invaders.

The event showed how well-adapted, and...

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Wodonga Waterway Action Plan

Wodonga Regional Waterway Action Plan

Wodonga Regional Waterway Action Plan

In 2000, the Wodonga City Council and the North East Catchment Management Authority (CMA) jointly developed the Wodonga Waterway Action Plan (Thompson...

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Marine Plastics around Australia

Marine Plastics around Australia

The Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) Portal recently uploaded a dataset showing measured levels of plastics in the waters around Australia. The samples...

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Lower Ovens River Tour

Lower Ovens River Tour

Lower Ovens River Tour Hidden Gems of the Lower Ovens River

Connecting communities with their waterways and building on a their understanding of the waterway is passion for all at Water Technology.


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Helecopter deployment of data loggers for data collection

Data Collection

Expanded data collection and analysis design and capability The importance of data collection

Many factors impact on excellent environmental process modelling, analyses and subsequent design...

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Stormwater Victoria 2017 Conference

2017 Stormwater Victoria Conference – Time for a watershed?

This week (3-5th May 2017) the stormwater industry in Victoria gets together in Lorne for the 2017 Stormwater Victoria Conference....

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Legune Station

Project Sea Dragon EIS

Project Sea Dragon Approvals

The Australian Government, Department of the Environment and Energy, and Northern Territory EPA (NT EPA) has recommended that the NT Minister for Primary Industry...

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Daydream Island

Groynes – for what purpose?

Groynes are sometimes used as part of an erosion mitigation strategy on sandy beaches. But how do they work… and are they effective?

The natural longshore transport of sand on an eroding...

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Radar Rainfall Calibration Webinar

WHEN: Recorded 12:30PM AEST 1ST DECEMBER 2016 How reliable is the radar rainfall forecast? What is the usefulness of radar rainfall data? Can radar rainfall be used for more than just planning...
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Gippsland Lakes, Victoria, Australia

Sand Nourishment for Habitat Creation

The Gippsland Lakes are the largest navigable inland waterway in Australia, popular with recreational fishers, nature lovers and holidaymakers. The area of the Lakes is over 400 square kilometres,...

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gippsland flood response

Gippsland Emergency Flood Response

Well done to all involved in the recent Gippsland flood response. Water Technology Pty Ltd local engineer, Simon Hof, was working alongside authorities in the Incident Control Centre. Supported...

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Water Technology Keeps On Giving

Through the Water Technology Giving initiative we have raised $4,000 over the last 12 months, donated to Water Aid, Beyond Blue and the World Wide Fund for Nature. We raise funds by employees...

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From Little Things Big Things Grow

Water Technology is this month celebrating our 15th year since the birth of our little company. Back then it was just our Managing Director Andrew McCowan. 15 years on and we are a company...

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Water Coastal Consultants: A small step… and a giant leap

A small step… and a giant leap

Water Technology in partnership with our Dutch colleagues HydroLogic, are proud to announce that we have begun the first phase of an exciting project part funded by the European Space Agency....

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Floodplain consultants: West Gippsland Flood Studies

West Gippsland Flood Studies

Water Technology has been commissioned by West Gippsland CMA in conjunction with Latrobe City Council and Wellington Shire Council to undertake three flood investigations at Traralgon, Rosedale...

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Floodplain consultants: Bendigo Flood Study

Update: Bendigo Flood Study

Following on from our previous news article on the landmark Bendigo Flood Study, Our Floodplain consultants have put together this map (to scale), demonstrating the size of the study area...

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Floodplain consultants: Landmark flood study in Bendigo

Landmark flood study in Bendigo

Water Technology floodplain consultants has recently completed a major landmark flood study in Bendigo utilising an innovative leading approach. The flood risk posed by Bendigo Creek and...

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Urban drainage engineers: Knox City Council Urban Mapping

Knox City Council Urban Mapping

Water Technology urban drainage engineers has recently been appointed by Knox City Council to undertake the flood mapping of four of its urban catchments. The hydrological and hydraulic modelling...

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Floodplain consultants: Bridgewater Flood Study

Bridgewater Flood Study

Water Technology recently held an inception meeting for the Bridgewater Flood Study with North Central CMA, Loddon Shire Council, other agency representatives and members of the Bridgewater...

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Floodplain consultants: Geoid Models

Geoid Models – Industry Update

What are they?

Geoid models are used by land surveyors and airborne contractors to convert any GPS-derived elevations to AHD elevations Since 2011 Australia officially uses a new geoid...
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Waterway engineers: RainWatchers Beta Testing

RainWatchers Beta Testing

Water Technology is currently launching RainWatchers in collaboration with Glenelg Hopkins CMA and HydroLogic. We are currently forming a Beta Group with users registered in Victoria and Queensland.


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Water engineers: Welcome Chris Charles

Welcome Chris Charles

Chris  is  a  spatial  professional  with  more than 6 years experience in  GIS,  spatial  data management,  RDBMS,  web-mapping,  land  surveying,  cartography  and ...

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Stormwater engineers: Storms Hit Victoria

Storms Hit Victoria

Last week’s wintery change across Melbourne caused considerable damage and coastal flooding along the Victorian coastline.

The storm surge within Port Phillip Bay was close to a 100...

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Muddy Creek Fishway

Water Technology has recently finalised the design and construction of the Muddy Creek fishway with GHCMA, VicRoads, Catchment Health Engineering, ARI, Kingfisher Research and Downryte Excavations.


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Urban drainage engineers: Casey Complex Water Management Plan

Casey Complex Water Management Plan

Casey Complex Water Management Plan

Water Technology in association with Bent Architecture and Essential Economics has been successful in the tendering process to undertake the Casey Complex...

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Water engineers: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

At Water Technology We wish you merry christmas and a happy new year ahead. May the new year bring new opportunities and joys.

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HydroView by HydroNET - Hydraulic engineers

HydroNET: HydroView

HydroView: One entrance to all the data you need!

The HydroView application gives single point access to all data which is connected via the HydroConnect service. Hydroview can provide access...

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Love our Lakes Forum

A successful forum on the Gippsland Lakes intended to educate, inspire and empower stakeholders and the broader community was held last week. WT Managing Director, Dr Andrew McCowan presented...

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Water Engineers: HydroNET RainWatch

HydroNET RainWatch

RainWatch: Online access to the best available rainfall information

This application provides online easy access to the following actual and historical information:

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Ecological Assessments: Wyndham Harbour Construction

Wyndham Harbour Construction

Water Technology has this month been featured in the Australian National Construction Review magazine (page 85) for the design of Wyndham Harbour on the western foreshore of Port Philip bay....

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Floodplain Consultants: Flood mapping and GIS

Flood mapping and GIS

Cutting-edge mapping technology is critical for successfully ‘flood proofing’ the nation, according to one of Australia’s most reputable water management advisors.

The message comes...

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Coastal Engineers: Barwon River Fishway

Barwon River Fishway

The Corangamite Catchment Management Authority has recently constructed the Barwon lower Breakwater fishway. The fishway, designed by Water Technology with input from Ivor Stuart of Kingfisher...

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Floodplain Consultants: Flooding in South East Queensland

Flooding in South East Queensland

All the staff at Water Technology would like to extend our sympathies to those impacted by the extreme weather conditions that occurred over the Australia day long weekend.  Due to the large...

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